Class Participation

I’ve always had class participation as 10% of the students’ grade.  The main reason is that I want the class to be as interactive as possible; I don’t think many of them will “get it” by just listening to me and taking notes.  And if they don’t get it, they won’t be able to practice at home; they’ll just bring back incomplete homework.  So I try to engage the students deliberately; when I call on them, I call on the ones who don’t volunteer answers.  If someone is struggling with an answer, I might call on another student to bail them out.

And one of my favorite things to do is to ask for a volunteer to work/answer a problem.  If they get it right, they get to pick the classmate to answer the next one.  And so on around the room.  They like this a lot; I see a lot of paybacks where A called on B yesterday so B calls on A today, but it’s kept friendly.  So I like the class participation part of the grade, but I don’t generally leave it up to the students; I’ll engage them and make them earn that 10%.  With the way the electronic gradebook works, I don’t enter the class participation grade until the end of the quarter, so a borderline grade will often get a small boost at the end, which is nice.

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2 Responses to Class Participation

  1. I try to incorporate participation in a few grades through the grading period. I LOVE Class Dojo for this because I can keep up with things easier and by the touch of a button. My students love seeing themselves earn points and quickly take care of things if points are taken away as well. There is now an iOS app that makes it even easier.

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